HerSolution® Confitrol24™

Combat Urinary Incontinence – Bladder Control Formula

Confitrol24 is a clinically-proven formula helping women reduce symptoms of occasional incontinence, starting in as little as 2 weeks. This breakthrough formula won multiple prestigious awards for its effectiveness and speed of results. Now you can have a natural way to eliminate occasional bladder worries, no matter your age!

  • Diminish Risk of Humiliating Accidents & Uncomfortable Leaks
  • Cuts Sleep-depriving Bathroom Sprints by Nearly HALF (or more)
  • Dramatically Decreases Inconvenient Urges to “Go”
  • Stay Dry Longer & Significantly Reduce Pad Usage
  • Strengthens Bladder Walls, Pelvic Floor & Sphincter Muscles
  • Naturally Alleviate Symptoms of Occasional Urge & Stress Incontinence
  • 100% Natural Formula Supported by Clinical Results